Did you know Roger was a Pro Paintball Player? ....

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Did you know Roger was a Pro Paintball Player? ....

Post by Gerwin » Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:14 pm

moonlights as a up and coming aquarist but has been playing the paintball sport for 15 years now, played Pro for the last 3 yrs with St Louis Avalanche but decided to play semi pro this year with some friends from Louisiana. The Team name is the Warped Army and I am pleased to inform:

Warped Army takes 1st Place 2010 Huntington Beach Surf City Open!!!!

Congrats to the Roger and the Guys!

so I guess its OK he was not at the store this past week, Arch and Brad covered for him so he could go, well I guess he was going anyway....so Arch and Brad just made sure I did not have a heart attack! and thanks to Wally who came by and got stuck giving me a hand on Thursday

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