8 piece SPS frag pack $200

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eric the red
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My SetUp: Equipment: 225 gallon (72x30x24), 3 radion pros, 2 48" t5s (ato blue plus), 2 mp40s, full apex with ph probe, wxm module, brs gfo reactor, reef octopus nwb200, DIY ATO with Kalk in reservoir water, two micom dosers (dosing 2 part) Livestock is mostly zoas/palys and sps. I also have quite a selection of high end Lps on the sand bed.
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8 piece SPS frag pack $200

Post by eric the red » Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:47 pm

$200 for this awesome frag pack!! Great deal for someone who wants to expand their collection with some bright pieces! Text for pics 2283231240

Pink millepora
Tricolor valida
Pink birdsnest
Monti spongodes
Blue green acro
Flowerpot monti
Purple stylophora
Green digi

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