Upgrading tanks....

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Upgrading tanks....

Post by b16acrx1988 » Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:49 pm

Well I just bought a 45 gallon cube used to upgrade to from my 20 gal salt tank. It's bottom drilled with two returns and one over flow, and came with a 20 gallon sump without any baffles. The person I bought It from just used a filter sock. It has mag 24 pump which I think I'm going to get rid of I think it's going to be to much.
I'm wondering what type of return pump I should get?
If I should get some glass cut and put baffles in the sump?
What skimmer would y'all suggest?
What filter sock should I run?
And a bunch of other stuff I plan on going to the store to bug the guys about.

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