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Welcome was established to provide a knowledge base and forum for aquarium, pond, and water garden keepers through publication of related articles, and topical discussions.

This site is as much about entertainment, however, as it is help and support. Although the founders of bring aquarium experience from every perspective-- we all have been hobbyists, retailers, and distributors in the field-- super fish geeks we are not. We're regular folks, loving the hobby just as do you.

This site welcomes every experience level, but a special effort is put forth for the average person looking for layman's answers. The opinions and advice of the site's authors are the result of decades of ornamental fish care in nearly every arena, based on our personal discoveries, and, hopefully, unclouded by too much scientific jargon.

You are welcome to browse the Forums, and, if you wish, register and participate by posting questions, and, if you care to, even supply some answers of your own.