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Marine Aquariums In The Long Ago Time pt.2

How many of these staples of marine aquarium keeping past do you remember? How many still exist?

Gro-Lux fluorescents
Vita-Lite fluorescents
Vita-Lite PowerTwist fluorescents
Metal Halide
T-5 6500K and actinic fluorescents

Egg crate and screen undergravel
Nektonics undergravel
Lee's undergravel
Aqualogy undergravel and Power 200 and 400 power heads
Aqualogy Power 1, Power 300 and Power 600 power filters
Hagen 400 and 800 power heads
Vortex D1 Diatom Filter
Hawaiian Marine Angstrom UV Sterilizers
Sander ozonizer
Eheim cannister filters
Hagen Fluval cannister filters
Lifegard module filters
DynaFlo power filters
Hagen AquaClear power filters
Second Nature Whisper power filters

Sea Salt Mix:
Instant Ocean/Reef Crystals

Filter Media:
Kordon Bio-Mech

Air Pumps and Airstones:
Silent Giant
Metaframe Hush air pumps
Second Nature Whisper 100 - 1000
Tetra Luft air pump
Kordon Mist-Air airstones
RoToCo airstones
Lee's Discard-A-Stone

Rila pH Pebbles
Dolomite gravel
CaribSea crushed coral

All Glass
Atlas (Oceanic Systems)

Fish Foods:
Jungle Freeze-dried brine shrimp
Gamma frozen foods
San Francisco Bay Brand frozen brine shrimp
Kordon freeze-dried plankton and krill

Water Conditioners:
Jungle Start Right
Kordon Novaqua and Amquel

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